These 9 Social Media Accounts Bring Those Positive Vibes

I can only speak for myself when I say that I am very much guilty of being on social media daily. Call it what you want, but it is an escape from reality and I most definitely get my 411 from social media.

Who needs to watch television nowadays, when social media outlets are flooding the internet with all the details right to your phones? And although I try to avoid watching the news as it is becoming more and more depressing in how partisan it is getting, social media has a way of escaping harsh realties when you just need a break! It is so easy to just swipe up or down and move along to something so much happier!

And so, if you are in need of a little positivity, this list of social media accounts — listed in no particular order — is where I turn when I need a hit of fun or inspiration! They are all liked for different reasons and they hold no first, second, or third place in my book.

Shall we begin?

1. Nabela Noor

When I struggled to accept myself for all that I am, Nabela Noor, social media influencer and body positivity advocate, changed the game for myself as well as others. Not only is she gorgeous and fierce, but she has helped pave the way towards acceptance and recognition of the plus-sized community. We exist, people! And there is nothing wrong with having some extra cushion!

2. Diana Sirokai 

She is my plus-size sister from another mister. All jokes aside, Diana has helped me tremendously with feeling sexy and confident in my skin. Having a following of 909k and counting, she has changed the definition of being plus-sized. Where I would have defined my plus-sized figure as a negative, Diana has changed that perception for me. For me, she made plus-sized the phrase of the year, and has been my woman crush for a hot minute! If y’all don’t know, now you know! Diana has painted a picture that being sexy does not only come in one size, and I am living for that!

3. Habiba Da Silva

Many will disagree with my opinion but what else is new?! Brazilian and Lebanese beauty, Habiba Da Silva, has provided the perfect amount of fashion while maintaining modesty towards her faith. Having followed her on social media for a few years now, her fashion looks and confident vibes made me consider covering. She provides just the right amount of modesty, whilst also expressing herself through her fashion and outfit choices. Also, she is the founder of her own headscarf line, which showcases vibrant headscarf colors. She provides just the right amount of spice to a modest life. I am all for it!

4. Omaya Zein 

The Arab-Latina fashionista, Omaya Zein, also contributed to my appreciation and liking for modest fashion choices. But what I love most about this social media beauty is her relationship with her hubby! They literally are the cutest couple on social media, in my opinion. You can tell they truly love one another, and their relationship with one another really does radiate on her social media page. They are just the perfect balance, and remind me so much of me and my husband. Through their social media presence, I also feel that they push one another towards achieving their goals. When your hubby is your biggest fan, that’s real love.

5. Halima Aden 

Although Miss Halima needs no introduction, let me continue. She is a fashion model, unapologetically paving the way for Muslim women in the modeling industry, not just by being a Muslim in an industry that doesn’t feature many Muslim, but also because she is visibly Muslim in a hijab. Halima is just one of many women who will push for society to recognize that Muslim women exist in all professions, and we are also beautiful regardless of how much skin we choose to show or hide. Modesty is beautiful, too! And even more humbling is the fact that Halima was born in a refugee camp. Beauty exists all over the world, even in the places you would least expect to look. Much love and respect to her!

6. Heba Ali 

When I think of a gorgeous, badass, beast, none other than Heba Ali comes to mind. Following her on social media is my ultimate guilty pleasure as I watch her workout. She just gives me the motivation to take myself to the gym and kill it. Sadly, I don’t, but I can only blame myself. Heba is fierce and expresses it within her social media posts. Beautiful face with a body made of steel! What a combination anyone could deny wanting!


So, not everything I follow on social media is based off of people, or specifics. I also like to educate myself and inform myself of what is going on around the world. UNICEF is one of those pages that motivates me to continue to help others. It also provides the constant reminder to be humble and grateful as others are going through life under harsh conditions, and it’s always wise to extend a helping hand where it is needed. Many of us are blessed to have been given the life we are living, but it is wise not to forget that there are so many people amongst us, beyond the glitz and glam of social media. There are always more pressing matters and concerns in the world that deserve and require the attention of those who can actually help and contribute towards improving the conditions people are living in, or going through.

8. Dr. Mona Vand

I love scrolling through this Persian beauty’s Instagram. She provides so much health and plant based information that actually made me want to consider going vegan. Mona’s Instagram provides healthy recipes, her favorite clean beauty products, and answers to frequently asked wellness questions. Although I was introduced to her by watching the reality show “Shahs of Sunset,” Mona is more than just a pretty face on your TV screen. Her knowledge of health and overall body wellness is really motivating and encouraging. I would definitely encourage others to scroll through her social media page and take in as much information as you can from her page. She provides information on products I would never even have known existed had it not been for her page.

9. Sazan Hendrix 

Sazan is the “sazon” added to my social media dish. She is the spice that brings out taste buds I never knew I had! This drop dead gorgeous Youtuber and social media influencer is always so genuine on her platforms. I love her desire to remain close to her cultural roots, whilst also providing humor and love through her social media posts. Her relationship with her hubby, Stevie, is so refreshing! They are the cutest, and their baby girl Valentina is the perfect product of this charming, yet quirky couple. Teeny is a mood all on her own, and I live for it! Little secret I’ll share with y’all: they gave me baby fever. The way they are together, and their method of parenting and managing a marriage really gave me the positive feels. May I also add that Stevie’s impersonations are ROFL-worthy, and Sazan’s singing sessions never fail to put me in a good mood!

I hope you all enjoyed this informative social media piece I put together for y’all. These are just a few of many social media pages I enjoy scrolling through. I am open to more suggestions if anyone has certain pages or social media influencers they feel bring something to the table, so you can always add me on Instagram or Twitter and send me a message with suggestions!