These 14 Shows Are What You Need Watch This Fall

Sweater weather means cozy, stay-home-and-binge-watch-all-the-things weather! Make a warm mug of hot chocolate with all the works, or whatever your favorite winter beverage is, and grab a movie snack because here are 14 of the best shows you need to binge-watch! If you need a laugh, look no further than this list:

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

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“I’ll be there for you!” is the popular F.r.i.e.n.d.s. theme song and the show is perfect to binge when it’s too cold to go out. If you need a good laugh, feel free to watch it from the beginning on Netflix. It’s amazing to watch some of these characters grow as each season progresses. I highly recommend this one.

2. The Office

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This is essentially a “mockumentary” of your run-of-the-mill office employees in a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania with a dopey manager named Michael Scott (played by Steve Carrell). “The Office” follows their daily lives with some hilarious shenanigans, making for an enjoyable evening.

3. Parks and Recreation

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This show follows a group of public officials’ wacky antics as they take on various projects to improve their city. 

4. Community

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A former lawyer is forced to attend a community college and meets eccentric staff members. One interesting fact is that one of the members is a laid-back Muslim kid named Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi) who has a very strict, practicing dad. Fans of Gilmore Girls might recognize Danny Pudi from his cameo. Ken Jeong from “Saving Zoe” is also in this so you know it’s going to be a good show! 

5. Fresh Off the Boat

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When an Asian American moves from Orlando, Florida to Washington, D.C., they experience a bit of a culture shock. This story is mainly told by Eddie Huang, but is occasionally narrated through the eyes of other members of the family. If you liked “Modern Family”, then you’ll love this one!

6. Gilmore Girls

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“Where you lead, I will follow anywhere!” is the beginning of the “Gilmore Girls” theme song. If you haven’t heard of this popular 90’s show, it’s about a mother-daughter duo and some of the shenanigans that they get into. It has a revival on Netflix with 4 long, but enjoyable episodes to watch. Although you could technically watch any episode, I recommend starting from season 1 on Netflix if you haven’t already watched it in chronological order. It’s one of my favorite shows to rewatch and can be watched with your mother, a group of friends, or by yourself. 

7. The Good Place


“You, Eleanor Shelistrop are in The Good Place. You are okay” are the words Eleanor hears when she finds out she has died and gone to heaven. She’s aware that when you die, there are two options: You either go to “The Good Place” or “The Bad Place” depending on how you behaved in your life. However, Eleanor quickly comes to the conclusion that she doesn’t belong in the “Good Place.” What follows are a series of hilarious hijinks as Eleanor decides she’s going to do whatever it takes to stay there. Don’t sleep on this hilarious and touching show!

8. Dave Chappelle

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This isn’t a show, but if you’re into comedy specials on Netflix, try this one! Chappelle’s sense of humor isn’t for everyone, but if you admire people who do something for themselves and are unapologetically themselves, then you should watch this.

9. John Mulaney

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If you liked him as Spider-Ham in “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”, you’ll love his comedy specials on Netflix. I love watching him in between classes or in lieu of listening to podcasts while I’m getting work done. Although his specials have been on Netflix for a while, I still enjoy rewatching his specials. His next big thing will be a children’s variety show, so be on the lookout for that! 

10. Modern Family

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This is a “mockumentary” surrounding the lives of a typical blended family. It follows the parents’ lives and their children throughout the years. “Modern Family” is currently on its last season and it’s a fun show to watch with your family, or even by yourself.

11. Fruits Basket 2019

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This is a 2019 adaptation of an anime show. Tohru Honda has always been enamored by the story of the Chinese Zodiac that her mother would tell her as a kid. But, when tragedy strikes, Tohru ends up living in a tent until she finds out that her tent was on a private property owned by the Souma family. After hearing her story, the Souma family are nice enough to let her in and stay with them. There’s a lot of humor, life lessons, and a fantastic storyline that will keep you engrossed. That, along with some intriguing twists and turns make for entertaining viewing. 

12. Vagabond


A stuntman becomes involved in a grand scheme after a sudden plane crash. Meanwhile, a national intelligence service agent decides to become a civil servant to help her family but winds up being a covert operative. Starring Lee Sung-Gi, Bae Suzy, and Shin Sung-Ruk, this is a thrilling action-comedy show with a hint of romance.

13. Melting Me Softly

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A man and a woman decided to participate in an experiment where they end up being frozen for over 20 years. Instead, 24 hours later they awaken and in order to survive, they must maintain a body temperature of 33 degrees Celsius. Starring Ji -Chang Wook and Won Jin-A,  this thrilling comedy 2019 Korean drama is not one to miss. 

14. Comedians of the World


Each show showcases a comedian from a different country. There are a couple of Muslim comedians and a variety of topics. You’ll get a glimpse of what makes up humor around the world which is why I think this one is amusing.

Overall, all of these shows are binge-worthy for one reason or another, but hopefully you’ve found something that grabbed your attention.