There’s Now a Barekini? And Is It Actually for Sale?

The barekini, where you bare it all without bearing anything at all?? Can you guess if this is satire or not just by looking at it? I know I couldn’t.

Twitter @JenCPig

The “barekini” reminded me of a study my friend told me about which showed men who look at women in bikinis, and how the image triggered the part of their brain where they were thinking of objects, not people.
As I was reminded of that study, it got me thinking, was this “barekini” for real?
Barekini is Not For Sale — It is Satire!
It took some Google searching to find that this was not actually for sale, and in fact, satire. I actually thought M&S made this as a joke but it turns out this was a photo designed by twitter user, @JenCPig.
They photoshopped this in replace of other burkinis M&S had for sale. I say had because they are sold out right now.
Here is the original Burkini picture from the H&S website:
original burkini
The Barekini picture is a good reminder to us that we should not ever have to conform or dress the way someone else wants us to dress.
Just because you choose to dress differently than the majority, that does not make it wrong! Wear your burkini with pride!
Be you, just like every other person in the world, dress how you want.
Just an FYI when you Google “barekini,” there are images that come up of bikinis made out of like two strips of fabric, so beware of that.

Written By Muslim Girl Staff Writter Kaya B Gravitter