The World Cup’s Biggest Goal

As the champions of the World Cup will suspensively by decided over the next two days, prominent international figures, including world leaders, performers, and the players themselves, are trying to remind us of the one goal that matters: education for all.

Spearheaded by Queen Rania of Jordan, the 1GOAL campaign is aimed at seizing “the power of football to ensure that education for all is a lasting impact of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.” It is uniting the power of charities, organizations, the soccer players, and their fans to reach a Millennium Development Goal which promises education for 72 million children by 2015. One of the main principals of the campaign is that, through education, we can also beat poverty. The front page of their site states that “a child born to a mother who can read is 50% more likely to survive past the age of five.”

By signing up with the campaign, you can send world leaders a “yellow card” and urge them to make this goal a reality. You can also pledge to invite one friend to the campaign for each goal your favorite team has scored during the World Cup. Shakira, who is set to perform at the World Cup closing ceremonies, is one of 1GOAL’s biggest advocates.

Check out their site and help score the biggest goal: education for all!