10 Modest Fashionistas Reshaping How We See Style

When it comes to fashion trends and what to wear, it can all seem so daunting. Being expected to navigate through the minefield of pleats, frills, psychedelic geometry of prints, florals, pastels, and daring PVC, is no easy task. And that doesn’t even begin to cover color combinations, hemlines, layering, or the question on most hijabista’s minds’: “Does my head look big in this?”

So whether you’re a student, school teacher, or stay-at-home mum, here’s my lifeline: A guide to the top 10 modest fashion gurus you can’t go wrong with!


1. Dr. Fatumina

[media-credit name=”@fatuminamusic” link=”https://www.instagram.com/fatuminamusic/” align=”alignnone” width=”784″][/media-credit]


Dr. Fatumina, aka @fatuminamusic, is a Somali maestro based in the U.K. From her feed, it is so clear that she is not afraid to mix it up. She epitomizes the phrase “anything goes,” and it really does when you see Fatumina’s ability to combine turbans, a checked shirt paired with a black skirt, floral socks, and white Converse! Be daring with your style, because Fatumina never fails to inspire with her innovation. I think her example should encourage the inner lionesses in us all, so roar without apology!


2. Iman Aldebe

[media-credit name=”@imanaldebe” link=”https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt5mL_2nN6E/” align=”alignnone” width=”780″][/media-credit]


Swedish Iman Aldebe, the CEO of “Happy Turbans”, is a fashionista who demonstrates every which way a turban could be worn. With her amazing collections of colors, fabrics, and prints, her catalogue of pictures are reminiscent of old-school Hollywood glamour. Whether you are looking for sophisticated inspiration to complement an outfit, or want confirmation that you can be classy when running your errands, look no further than Iman Aldebe for a muse.


3. Heba Jalloul


Heba Jalloul, New York’s modest girl-next-door, has long been taking us through her daily life. She has proven her popular influence of Claire-De-Lune style feminine pastels (Debussy’s composition always plays in my mind when I see romanticism) and pleats are a staple for today’s chic young woman.


4. Mona Haydar

[media-credit name=”@themostmona” link=”https://www.instagram.com/p/BnXNn6fDa7O/” align=”alignnone” width=”826″][/media-credit]


Mona Haydar, American rapper and mother, is a fierce social commentator, and certainly isn’t afraid to express herself. I adore Mona’s ability to own canary yellow in a trouser suit, or present us with urban street-style moods through her fashion choices. Mona’s ferocious ability to do and say what she wants is admirable, and the way she manifests this unapologetic presence in her fashion choices makes her inspirational!


5. Leah Vernon

[media-credit name=”@lvernon2000″ link=”https://www.instagram.com/p/BuW6KccnMuF/” align=”alignnone” width=”756″][/media-credit]


Leah Vernon hails from Detroit, U.S., and has long been a champion for body positivity. She is unapologetic in her fight against body dysmorphia, and is a model and feminist we can all look up to! Leah’s curves and fearless refusal to hide under a tented blanket just because of her size is a beacon of hope for the rest of us ladies to accept ourselves in all of our glorious and diverse shapes, sizes, and colors. Leah shows us how plus-sized girls can rock stripes and patterns, and that no fabric, color, or trend is off-limits based on your size. She is a modern-day fashion icon, and we adore seeing her tackle and dismantle outrageous societal expectations of the female form.


6. Habiba da Silva

[media-credit name=”@” link=”https://www.instagram.com/p/BsQV3mVH5gg/” align=”alignnone” width=”726″][/media-credit]


Habiba da Silva was born and bred in the U.K. while her heritage is Brazilian and Lebanese. A beauty blogger by trade, Habiba loves her block colors and primary brights. With her iconic Jessica Rabbit type curves, this fashionista stands bold and proud in her examples of showing us how a woman with curves can make a statement in every style available. So girls, own those curves!


7. Nabiila Bee

[media-credit name=”@nabiilabee” link=”https://www.instagram.com/p/BtjETH9FsXJ/” align=”alignnone” width=”770″][/media-credit]


Nabiila Bee is a U.K.-based, Russian-Algerian fashion designer, blogger, and mummy. She shows us that we can do nappies, dribble, and still look amazing. Nabiila is a young mum who loves to layer and shows us how well a pair of Nike’s can complement a jumper dress. She is never afraid to mix prints and shows us that you can be a mother and still continue to take pride in what brought you joy pre-motherhood: FASHION! Own that yummy mummy title!


8. Ascia al Faraj

[media-credit name=”@ascia” align=”alignnone” width=”808″][/media-credit]


Ascia al Faraj is an American-Kuwaiti blogger, vlogger, model, and super mum who gives us urban, bubblegum fun where fashion is concerned! Ascia always looks effortlessly cool in her relaxed styles, whether it is sweatshirts with pants, or a feminine blouse and pumps. Could her vibe get any more casual space-babe than in the metallic look she is sporting above? Equally, Ascia shows us that it’s ok to be relaxed because we can still look fabulous, but what sets her apart is her own fusion of quirkiness mixed with the practical. Own being you!


9. Jeny Tjahyawati

[media-credit name=”@jenytjahyawati” link=”https://www.instagram.com/p/BjFiwVWAg9X/” align=”alignnone” width=”932″][/media-credit]


Jeny Tjahyawati is at the forefront of Indonesias’s fashion houses with her modest haute couture. Okay, so I’ll be the first to admit that most of us don’t have bank accounts to indulge the remarkable delights of this very sophisticated fashion designer, however, Jeny is iconic with her play on unusual cuts, her bold use of color, and the unique appliqué in her designs. Why Jeny is stellar in her influence is because she wears her own designs and epitomizes luxury and class, cutting across the age barriers. We are never too old or too young to indulge in clothes that represent art and the beauty of the female species!


10. Dalal AlDoub

[media-credit name=”@dalalid” link=”https://www.instagram.com/dalalid/” align=”alignnone” width=”818″][/media-credit]


Last but not least on this list of fashionistas who rock is Kuwait’s Dalal AlDoub. Dalal’s statement white fitted hijab is always present in whatever look she expresses. I love that Dalal is comfortable with what suits her face because we all know what a struggle that can be! Dalal is smart and stylish in her trademark long jackets and coats, which are often teamed with statement belts and cigarette-cut trousers. It’s all about the outer garment here, girls, and for those of us who want to show a little less, Dalal has it down to a very refined “T”.

So, above all girls, have fun with your clothes and never be afraid to experiment. Modesty and self-expression go hand-in-hand, and we can all be little fashionistas in our own right!