The Golden Opportunity

Since Ramadan is right around the corner, I decided to share some bits and pieces with you ladies regarding this holy month. This month is literally a gift from Allah (SWT) , it’s a chance to cleanse your soul from all the sins that you may have made during the year. We should all be prepared to welcome it with an open heart.

The month of Ramadan carries such great importance, for it was the month when the Islam’s holy book was sent down from up above.

The Holy Quran says: “Ramadan is the month in which we sent down the Holy Qur’an, as a guide to mankind, also clear Signs for guidance and judgment (Between right and wrong).” (2:185)

Many of us tend to forget why we’re fasting and we end up not having the right intentions during this blessed month. So, make sure that in everything that you do, you have the right intentions and Insha’Allah you will gain Allah’s satisfaction. Also, keep in mind that while you’re fasting, you’re not only abstaining from food and drink but from any traits of bad character such as gossiping, lying, cursing, etc.

Ramadan is a month when mercy is poured down to Earth. Remember that Satan is chained during this month, so there are no excuses for committing sin. Try to read the Holy Qur’an as often as you can and to attend the mosque for Taraweeh prayers. Remember, for an optional (nafl) act, you are rewarded according to the reward of a mandatory (fard) deed, and during Ramadan the reward for a mandatory deed is multiplied at least seventy times.

This month is a golden opportunity to purify your soul, be sure to act accordingly! 😀