The Entire Qur’an During Ramadan!?

Ramadan is the month that the Holy Qur’an was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAW); to commemorate this month, Muslims not only fast from sunrise to sunset, but also take advantage of the rewards of this month by attempting to take great strides in their faith. Among the many different personal goals that Muslims may create for themselves to accomplish over these 30 days, one of the most rewarding is to finish reading the entire Qur’an by the end of the month.

Reading the entire Qur’an in itself is already a great accomplishment; doing so during Ramadan, when the rewards are multiplied and you have the encouraging atmosphere of spirituality makes it that much more enjoyable. While it is a challenging feat, reading the entire Qur’an is much easier than it seems when you divide it up with your prayers.

The Holy Qur’an is about 600 pages long. To finish it in 30 days, you would only have to read 20 pages per day. This already seems much less overwhelming, but it gets even easier when you divide it down to your prayers. Because we pray 5 times a day, all you have to do is read 4 pages before or after each prayer – or both if you’d like to complete the Qur’an twice and earn double the rewards!

This not only helps you accomplish your goal of reading the entire Qur’an during Ramadan, but it also ensures that you don’t miss a prayer. Also, one of the best activities during Ramadan is attending Taraweeh prayers – the extra prayers that take place at the mosque after Salaat al-Isha, in which the entire Qur’an is completed as well. Add to the pleasure of the experience by going with a group of friends! Doing so will help you bond with your friends through Islam, as well as give you more rewards for encouraging your friends to partake in this religious activity.

We are all blessed to make it to another Ramadan this year, so let’s all take the fullest advantage of the bounties it offers! Feel free to share other Ramadan tips and ideas in the comments!