The Earth Goes Round

has the earth always revolved around the sun

has the sun ever revolved around the earth

i guess what i am asking is, can it?

take a girl, paint her brown, and let her soak it in–

eyelids, to fingertips, to the soles of her feet


this brown don’t wash out with soap and water it stains her through and through

she has been like this since the beginning of time

has she been pinned against assumptions since the beginning of time,

or were they developed?

she would not know because

she was simply born into an earth that revolves around the sun–around these assumptions

while others were born into families with one-sidedness

this narrow-mindedness is constantly being pumped in their veins

the problem is not how hard or how long it takes her to prove herself

it is the fact that this painted girl has to prove herself in the first place

painted girl

painted with Your assumptions

painted with Your sorry excuses for an apology

she didn’t choose to be brown, she just got lucky…

but, after all, the earth doesn’t revolve around brown girls… 

it revolves around boiling flames 

the earth loves to come close to the sun

she loved to come close to the sun, too

but more often than not she gets burned 

and sometimes she even catches fire 


is left with scars

a reminder that, indeed, the earth has always revolved around the sun