The Banner of Peace

These are tough times.  Our values, outlooks, beliefs, lifestyle, and even our clothing are being attacked and ridiculed.  Each headline in the news, from about a mass murderer to a taxi driver, is being innacurately blamed on Islam, rather than a faulty human being.  There is no doubt that these are tough times for Muslims to be living in the United States.

To the families and friends of those who suffered in the attacks on November 5, 2009, in Fort Hood, Texas:  Please accept our deepest condolences and prayers.  We are with you in your loss and pray that you will find peace in your hearts and courage to live your life in the best manner possible.

Although this attack had no correlation to Islam nor had any basis in our faith, it is yet another event that is being used to portray our religion as being hateful and violent.  As followers, we all know that is far from the truth.  As Allah (SWT) has stated in the Qur’an, if you kill one life, it is as if you killed all humanity; if you save one life, it is as if you saved all humanity.

Clearly, the sanctity of a life is well stated in the Qur’an.  A single human life is likened to the entire people.  This is the time when we all have to remain strong, keep helping the communities we live in, remain peaceful if we are faced with hostility, and maintain friendly ties with our neighbors.

Let us all stand together against any oppression committed by anyone – be it any race or religion – and raise our voices to support peace and justice, regardless of its source.  Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was sent as a mercy to mankind; let us all be followers of his wonderful example and spread the word of peace and mercy to our friends and neighbors.  We say No to violence, we say No to oppression, and we make no exceptions.

If there is anyone out there who would choose violence and injustice over peace and prosperity, hear this loud and clear: We, being Muslims, do not support you or your views.  We will never agree with your ideology or your desperation in your choice to shed the blood of the innocent.  We will neither stand by your side nor will we post a defense on your account.  We will be just in our decision and condemn your actions.