Terrific Tips for Taraweeh!

Let’s face it… taraweeh prayers can get pretty long during those Ramadan nights. With an overfilled belly after iftar, prostrating can get troublesome. The overcrowded space and dull air conditioners can make you sweaty enough to have your oversized abaya stick to you like spandex. Children might get a little rowdy and the really troublesome might even start climbing up your leg while you’re trying to keep your focus on the first (…or was it second?) rakaat. But you know that nothing feels as gratifying as completing those extra prayers and getting one night closer to finishing the Qur’an and revolutionizing your faith with your brothers and sisters. So, here are some tips to add even more fulfillment to your taraweeh nights!

1. Take your friends with you!

We all know that every activity becomes more memorable when we do it with our friends. What’s better than bonding with them over something as great and rewarding as Islam? Round up a group of friends to take with you to the mosque – and get even more rewards for drawing your friends closer to Islam in the process! Most mosques have a break halfway between taraweeh prayers, which is when you and your friends can reconvene and reflect on the beautiful verses of the night. The end of prayers is also a great way for you all to meet, connect, and socialize with other Muslim women in your community as well.

2. Bring some yummy snacks!

Since it’s late at night and especially since your belly is probably overfilled with all the meat and baklawa from iftar, you might find yourself getting a little drowsy or losing focus as the prayers progress. So, bring some delicious snacks with you! Hey, you were fasting all day, and you need the sudden burst of energy, so it’s fine if you decide to keep some candies in your pocket. Better yet, bring a bag filled with snacks to share with all the other lovely ladies in the women’s section! You’ll not only be getting rewards from helping others perform their worship, but you’re also contributing to the sisterly atmosphere and enjoyment of Ramadan. Plus, your good deeds might inspire others to do the same, too!

3. Volunteer to provide water for taraweeh attendees

We all know the drill… they put out the free water bottles, and as fast as the crowd around the table appears and disperses, so have all the beverages. That’s where you come in. Before heading down to the mosque, buy a case (or two… or three!) of water bottles to bring with you! There tend to be lots of specials on cases of water bottles during the summertime, so it won’t cost you much but it’ll reward you a lot! Providing refreshment to Muslims that have been fasting all day and are praying at night is a beautiful way to make the most out of your taraweeh prayers… the hasanat are all there at the mosque just WAITING for you to cash in! The sense of fulfillment and happiness you’ll feel for your good deed will definitely keep you motivated for the rest of the night, especially when you see people walking around and cracking open the water bottles that YOU provided for them.

Participating in taraweeh prayers is definitely one of the most illuminating experiences of not only the month, but the year – so we should all make the absolute most of it! Feel free to leave YOUR tips and experiences for taraweeh prayers in the comments below!