How to Take a Selfie Like Your Favorite Bloggers

Selfies are everyone’s guilty pleasures, and we take them everywhere we go. On car rides, in our rooms, or even in the back row of class — if we’re feeling rebellious — we stay posing at our own cameras.

Some of our favorite fashion bloggers are constantly putting up pictures, and we are left with the question, “How do they take such nice selfies?” I attempted to try out some of their selfie-styles and give you all some tips and tricks on how to emulate these beautiful women!

Dina Tokio


Dina Tokio has a pretty distinct style. She’s constantly making fashion trends of her own, and her new line is famous with hijabis.

The best way to create your own “Dina Tokio” look is to start with the eyeliner. Dina doesn’t always wear makeup, but when she does, she drags out her eyeliner to a nice, sharp peak.

Apply a nice colored bronzer to your cheeks the same way Dina likes to when she decides to work the makeup look.

I’ve only ever seen Dina work the cute little dot on the bottom lash line, so I would suggest you definitely draw it out to make the “Dina” look complete.

Lastly, wrap a turban farther back on your head in the criss-crossy way that she loves to do, and take another maxi hijab and wrap it around your neck. You have the look ready!

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 4.31.27 PM
Dina is always chilling with a cat whether it’s Chouji or another! (Shout out to #TeamFeline)! If you’re lucky enough to have a cat, make sure it’s in the mood because it’s about to join you in a “Dina Tokio” selfie! I unfortunately do NOT have a cat, so I brought in the next best thing: a pikachu pillow pet! Once you have your look ready, your cat (or pillow pet) in your arms, finish off with a “Dina Tokio” sweet smile and take the pic — there you have it!



If you guys know me, you know I love me some Nuralailalov! She is my absolute favorite makeup guru, and my personal makeup inspiration.

To get Nura’s look, you’re obviously going to need your makeup bag, because she likes to work the full-faced look!

Draw out your eyes — that means the works: smokey eyes, black eyeliner, long lashes. Don’t be afraid to go in!

Line your lips to make them look nice and full. Nura is known for her full lips!

Nura likes to work the simple hijab look, so that should be easy to do for us hijabis.

Lastly — and most difficult of all — is working that dramatic “pierce into your soul” look that Nura works in most of her selfies! Let me tell you, it took me a while just to get to this without looking whack! But thank goodness for that extra phone storage, huh? Take 2o selfies, and delete 19 when you’ve found your favorite one!



YaztheSpaz has such a beautiful, classic look! Her makeup and her style seem so effortless, it’s incredible!

When starting with Yaz’s look, you have to make sure your eyebrows are on FLEEK! To those who aren’t sure what “on Fleek” means, it just means be sure they are perfect!

Next, Yaz likes to work thin eyeliner that is winged out, so make sure to get as close to the lash line as possible. Line your waterline with white to give yourself her wide-eyed look.

Make sure to extend your black liner to the very corners of your eyes to give off that wide, Arabian eye look that she is blessed with!

Your hijab should be loose by your face so you can pin on of the sides to the side of your hijab to give off that nice flowy hijab look.

 Next, give a nice, gentle smile and take the pic — you’ve got a nice “YaztheSpaz” look!

The best thing about makeup and fashion is being inspired to try out different looks that call to you. Next time you see a selfie that sparks your attention, don’t be afraid to make it your own! Shout out to some of my favorite inspirations: DinaTokio, NuralailaLov, and YaztheSpaz. There are so many beautiful bloggers, hijabis and non-hijabis, that inspire me everyday to try something new!