Pexels / Mirza Farhan

A Guide to Centering Women’s Voices in Worship

The first few encounters I had with the practices of Islam were when I was about 10 years old. My brothers and I would follow my father’s friends and his wife and daughters to the prayer ground for Eid prayers, and even though I had no idea how to pray, I always enjoyed going. I…


3 Ramadan Sleep Secrets to Have Your Best Ramadan Yet

If you’ve ever felt sleep deprived or exhausted in Ramadan, it’s time to think seriously about fixing your sleep! We all know that Ramadan nights are blessed, and a time to make the most of. However, with late-night prayers and early morning suhoor, it can feel impossible to get in a proper night’s sleep to…


Coping with your Period During Ramadan

The last ten nights of Ramadan are upon us and I am sure all of us are aware of the virtues of these blessed nights. Here is a list of some actions Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to partake in during these last nights as a reminder to all of us because Allah (SWT) says in…