Michelle Obama Launches the ‘Get Her There’ Campaign

Michelle Obama recently launched her new “Get Her There” Campaign in N.Y.C and Muslim Girl had the great honor of attending the event. The campaign will work to advance gender equality, aiming to improve girls’ access to education all over the world and end child marriage. It is a collaboration between three organizations: The Obama…

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5 Things to Know About Women’s Rights In Islam

“Do women in Islam have any rights?” This is a question lingering in the minds of many people around the world. We cannot blame them entirely as the modern media often portrays Muslim women as controlled and dependent people, restricted from showing their faces in public. Is it true that Islam demands to kill girls…

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Meet Attorney Zarinah Nadir, Author of “Legally Savvy”

Attorney Zarinah Nadir has recently published her wonderful layperson’s handbook Legally Savvy on what everyone needs to know to make good legal decisions. The basic premise of the book is to know how to deal with legal issues in day-to-day life and when to get an attorney involved.  Basically, Nadir suggests not to wait to call…


Why Does Saudi Tout Change and Torture at the Same Time?

The Holy Kaaba is the tangible centre of Islamic faith, with the royal family of Saudi as the self-appointed custodians of this holy site, mosques, and sacred land. An honorable duty, one would assume, given that Islam is based on the principles of protecting human rights. According to the Quran, life is a divine bestowal…


What’s the Real Role of Women’s Rights in Islam?

In 1980, the National Women’s History Project was founded in California for the interest of broadcasting woman’s historical achievements. They lobbied, and successfully pushed Congress to designate a special month for women. As a result, March is officially known as Women’s History Month, where women and men pay special attention to discuss and commemorate the…