#IMarchWithZahra: Muslim Organizations, Allies, and Activists Pen an Open Letter to Women’s March in Support of Zahra Billoo

We, Muslim and allied organizers, stand with Zahra Billoo in the face of the vote to remove her from Women’s March national board after an Islamophobic smear campaign. We call on Women’s March to reinstate Zahra Billoo to the national board.  After Women’s March announced the new board members, the attacks on Zahra were distinct….


5 Reasons Why We Stan the Women’s March

Another orbit around the sun, another year of patriarchal nonsense. Flashback to January 2017, about one million women united across the nation in response to the election of Donald J. Trump. This formidable turnout was designed to send a message: that despite the fact that the hallowed rooms of the White House were now occupied…


Here’s How We Are Redefining the F-Word

“But how can someone be both a Muslim, and a feminist?” I remember this question being posed to me, seemingly ill-fitting during the course of a job interview. Sure, I’d brought it up – I thought it was important to mention these two labels when talking about the intersectionality of my identity, and how it…

#MGTop8 #MuslimGirlFire

#MGTop8: The Women’s March Are Ultimate Squad Goals

By Amal Matan The Women’s March gets our Justice Warriors superlative in our first-ever #MGTop8. The #MGTop8 highlights fearless changemakers that are making an impact on elevating Muslim women’s voices. To view the rest of our #MGTop8, click here. The Women’s March is a grassroots global organization and movement seeking to empower female voices and catalyze the…


Our #MuslimGirlArmy Tells Us Why They Marched

On January 20, 2018, thousands of women across the world rallied and marched against bigotry and hate. It marked the one year anniversary of the first women’s march, which was held all over the world. The amount of women, men, children and people of all ages were unbelievable. And while many came out in 2017 because…