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Check Out These 8 Must-Have Skincare Products for the Winter

Bells are jingling, exams are near, and here comes the season of dry skin and peeling lips. The winter season is filled with adorning lights, hot cocoa, and cute trench coats. However, behind the cold girl Instagram-worthy pictures in front of twinkling lights are heaps of preparation and protection against the bitter cold. Feeling good…


10 Perfect Winter Activities If You Dislike Winter

Snow, hot chocolate, warm and soft blankets; just a few of many things that tell us that winter has arrived, loud and proud! While I am not personally a fan of freezing temperatures, I still love the idyllic things that make the winter season so cozy and fun. Whether it’s staying inside and enjoying watching the…


Fashionably Freezing

Yes, I know, it is absolutely freezing! If you’re like me, you are not a fan of this weather. However, just because it is cold outside, it doesn’t mean we don’t put effort into our appearance. We actually have more options in the winter. My one and only favorite thing about winter is finding new…