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Fashion Shows & Headscarves: What’s Your Stance?

Paris Fashion Week recently made headlines after seeing models wore headscarves on the catwalk. There are nearly 30 million Muslims living in Western societies, and ironically, we still need representation so that we can get our legitimate freedom to wear what we want without being assaulted, arrested, or forced to undress. We’re living in a…

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Why White Feminism Is Problematic For Muslim Women

There have been several incidents globally in which female athletes have been pushing back against their mandatory team uniforms. One of the more notorious incidents that sparked worldwide media attention was that of the Norwegian women’s beach handball team. The European Handball Federation fined these women €1500 for resisting the typical uniform of bikini bottoms…


Poem: Not What I Meant

In this poem, the author explores media representations in which women take off their hijab for one reason or the other, often to satisfy Western standards or the male gaze. As the girl on the TV takes off her hijab, I watch in awe,  I thought people would accuse her of breaking the law,  I…


Ethnic Flair: the Tunic

Although I have nothing against the very best of sensible Western clothing (after all, turtlenecks are indispensable during harsh New England winters), there’s nothing I like more than a dash of ethnic flair in my wardrobe. And for me, the perfect combination of ethnic-inspired style, comfort and modesty is the tunic. The tunic first came…


“Baby, it’s all good!” – A Poem

This is such an awesome poem! It’s too bad that the author is unknown. She’s very talented and has basically voiced the thoughts that are on the mind of every hijabi. What do you see when you look at me? Do you see someone limited, or someone free? All some people can do is just…