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Muslim-Majority Countries Need to Speak Up About the Uyghur Crisis

“I WASH MY HANDS OF THIS,” echoed the silence of the Muslim countries on avoiding the Uyghur crisis. Certain Muslim-majority countries have opted to for silence as mass atrocities against Muslim populations rises. Through the lens of the Uyghur crisis, this analysis aims to uncover the facade of “Muslim countries” existing in the twenty-first century. …


What Are You Doing About the Genocide of Uyghur Muslims?

The Muslim world is bleeding. Bleeding with no one by their side. Bleeding with continuous stabs digging further down their back. Bleeding to bleach humanity red. Bleeding uncontrollably that the last drop will be the world’s turning point.  You may be asking why I’m invoking this imagery; what’s happening? Let’s start with the holocaust of…


China Continues to Label Islam a Mental Illness

Editor’s note: Months after scant reporting broke the news that millions of Chinese Muslims were being herded into concentration camps to strip them of their autonomy and Islamic identities through starvation and torture, the world remains predominantly mum on the issue. That doesn’t stand with Muslim Girl; we will continue to report on the issue…