Has Celebrating Christmas Become Secular?

Break out the hot cocoa, and the fairy lights, peeps, because we are going FULL-ON this festive season! There is nothing the #MuslimGirlClique loves more than to breathe-in the magical ambiance that inevitably accompanies the winter season, even though the observance of these traditions is always accompanied by a certain degree of ambivalence and uncertainty…


Watch What Happens When Bullied Communities Come Together

Video courtesy of SoulPancake’s Facebook page If there’s anything to learn from the interaction in the video above, it’s that your greatest chance of finding a cache of resilience is amongst a group of determined girls, chockfull of courage and conviction in their beliefs. We commence with the introduction of 11 year-old Kheris Rogers, a…

Credits: Instagram of Nafisa Isa.

This is Not Your Mama’s Halaqa Group

Halaqa groups can be intimidating. I do not have every part of the Quran memorized, and when sisters start naming one surah after the other, I feel shy asking what she meant. A halaqa should be a place free of judgment where sisters can bring up their perspectives in their relationship to Islam. That may…


Hijab? It Protects the Valuable

When I first started wearing hijab full-time, I didn’t think it was a big deal. I constantly wondered why we had to wear hijab in the first place – after all, I would think to myself, it’s just hair. Wouldn’t it have been more prudent (astughfirullah) to command women to cover their faces, instead? I…

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