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How International Allyship Is Influenced By White Supremacy

Putin’s latest attacks on Ukraine and its current refugees have reminded the Middle East of the death of innocent civilians of Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Palestine. The death of innocent and innocence itself is what combines the mentioned countries and Ukraine’s oppression. Civilians flee and become refugees. There is no choice left: either you leave everything…

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Is the West Selective With Its Empathy Toward Refugees?

International media outlets inundate the world with images of broken-hearted mothers forced to flee Ukraine, seeking safety and stability for their young children. These noble women leave behind brave husbands, sons, fathers, and male relatives who desperately fight to protect their nation’s sovereignty from an oppressive invading force.  Foreign Policy details: “The silent suffering of…

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What Ukraine News Taught Me: Not “All Men Are Equal”

As a Muslim who grew up in an Arab country, I watched Muhammad Al-Durrah hide while his father used his own body to shield his son. I watched videos and clips of Palestinians being kicked out of their homes, beaten up, and arrested by Israeli soldiers. I grew up a bit more and saw Iraqis,…