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Will Biden Be the President Who Finally Closes Guantanamo Bay?

In a press briefing on Feb. 12, the White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki declared that Biden’s administration was working on “a robust interagency process” that would allow them to close the Guantánamo Bay Detention Center in Cuba, officially known as Naval Station Guantanamo Bay (NSGB) or GTMO. “That certainly is our goal and our…


The World Stood Silent as Our Muslim Brothers and Sisters in Mali Were Massacred

This past Sunday, the United Nations announced that the death toll from a massacre in Mali increased to 160, with more fatalities expected. Referring to this “unspeakable” horror from Mali’s capital of Bamako, the visiting U.N. Security Council President, Francois Delattre, condemned the killings. According to reports, at least 73 people were wounded, and the U.N….

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Here’s Why Everyone is Talking About BBC’s Controversial “Bodyguard” Miniseries Right Now

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD —  DON’T SAY WE DIDN’T WARN YOU! This past week, a BBC miniseries, Bodyguard, was the talk of the town. The six-part series came to a conclusion with a stunning twist: A mild-mannered character named Nadia Ali revealed herself to be a terrorist mastermind, implicated with her husband in an attempted bombing….


I Was Falsely Accused of Terrorism and This is What It Did to Me

Carrying the guilt of others:  It’s something that we are advised against, but it’s forced amongst us as Muslims. If one person does something, we are all held accountable. Questions are thrown at us – “What is your community doing about terrorism?” “Does Islam promote it?” “Didn’t they go to your mosque?” We all feel…


Let Us Mourn Our Dead and Condemn Our Killers Equally

We all saw the American media rush to justify the “mentally unstable” actions of white criminals when Elliott Rodger shot up a UC Santa Barbara sorority house. We saw it when James Holmes shot up a movie theater in Colorado. We saw it when Adam Lanza shot up the Sandy Hook elementary school. But never…


Taking Back Islam

I write this post from the Karachi newsroom of The Express Tribune, a daily English newspaper in the “Islamic Republic” of Pakistan where Shias are being killed daily during Muharram, women are getting raped, robberies are an every day thing, and at least six people were killed daily here in Karachi in 2012. In all…