Photo credit: Manaal Al Hammadi, Instagram

It’s Lit: Solar Powered Abayas Are a Real Thing

Abayas have come a long way, like seriously. Back in my day (do I sound like my mom yet?!), at my Islamic school, we had to wear these ugly red Harry Potter looking cloak things.  They were heavy, uncomfortable and just plain ugly. Cue the modesty movement.  Now cute brands like Modeste have become somewhat trendy,…


Bored? Muslim Facebook Pages

So admit it, we all have Facebooks… Facebooks that we spend countless hours on even though it’s boring and nobody’s online and we should be studying. But, let’s face it, it’s addicting! So how about checking out some of our favorite inspiring, motivational, just-for-fun, or OMG-that’s-so-true Facebook pages? Hijab Tan Lines – it happens to…


Optics in the Golden Age

Throughout history, Islam has distinguished itself in many areas of science – one of them being optics, the study of the behavior and properties of light. One may assume that optics aren’t nearly as important as, for example, math, but you’d be surprised at what far-reaching advancements the Islamic Empire made – and how such…


The Abbasid Era

The Abbasid Caliphate (750 C.E. – 1528 C.E.) is not only known as the third of the Caliphates in the Islamic Empire, but as one of the most influential and educative periods in history. It was a golden time marked by incredible advancements in the sciences and arts, advancements that were probably never deemed possible….


Faith to Go

The iPod touch and iPhone are no longer just about music and movies (or the deafness and squinted eyes they undoubtedly cause with prolonged use). A slew of Islamic applications available at the iTunes App Store now give every Muslim with an Apple product in their pockets the chance to make their faith even more…