Unsplash, Darren Richardson

How to Build a Sustainable Wardrobe on a Budget

Fast fashion not only causes damage to the environment, such as contaminating our water resources, and polluting our air with plastic microfibers, but it also violates human rights, from child labor to extreme working conditions, to name a few. That’s why shifting our focus to build a sustainable wardrobe has become imperative. What Is “Sustainable…


5 Top Tips for the Eco-Friendly Traveler

Bali, one of the hottest destinations for the last decade has declared a “garbage emergency.” Images of its beautiful beaches, covered in plastic and trash have circulated the net. If like many people, you too enjoy travelling the world and seeing all its stunning corners, then let’s make a deal – right here and right…


Everyday Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

Let’s talk plastic. Whether we’re talking about environmental sustainability or our health, there’s one thing for certain: plastic is harmful, wasteful and toxic. The chemicals found in plastic can cause serious health issues that impact our wellbeing. And while many of us recycle, the truth is, plastic never breaks down. It’s estimated that by 2050…