9 Ways to Show Up and Help Your Community

From time to time, we will have to face scary situations where a light at the end of the tunnel seems like a distant dream. That’s just a fact of life. But one thing that remains tried and true is that leaning on our community can offer a sense of security that acts as a…


How My Mental Health Issues Brought Me Closer to God

For the last 10 years (or probably more), I have suffered from some sort of mental illness. In late 2009, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, triggered by seeing someone very close to me die in front of my eyes. I was grieving for many months, and there was not a single day that…


How Can We Support Our Community Through Its Troubles?

Growing up Muslim in today’s world can be very difficult. In Western society, teens are forced to deal with multiple issues like Islamophobia, racism, sexism, and bullying, on top of peer pressure, and hormones. Sadly, on top of everything else, just being Muslim has put our safety at risk due to the current political climate….


5 Muslim-Owned Businesses to Support on Black Friday

It’s that time of year again. As one part of the world is rushing to buy those holiday gifts, and prepare for their big Thanksgiving feasts, we Muslims are ensconced in our own preparations…to take advantage of those hot Black Friday, and seasonal deals! However, in today’s rapidly-growing commercial world, it’s hard to tell what…


How to Support Survivors of Sexual Assault

Statement courtesy of the PLANNED PARENTHOOD FEDERATION OF AMERICA:                                   NEW YORK, NY— The public discourse around the accusations of sexual assault against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has included troubling, harmful rhetoric and misinformation about sexual assault and survivors…

Credits: Instagram of Nafisa Isa.

This is Not Your Mama’s Halaqa Group

Halaqa groups can be intimidating. I do not have every part of the Quran memorized, and when sisters start naming one surah after the other, I feel shy asking what she meant. A halaqa should be a place free of judgment where sisters can bring up their perspectives in their relationship to Islam. That may…