Do You Know These 4 Ways to Combat Islamophobia?

Proving themselves relentless in their dedication to tackling the shadow of Islamophobia, as well as bridging gaps between diverse communities to foster unity and understanding, the Institute of Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU) has come out with a video detailing four data-driven ways to fight Islamophobia. Using their quintessential method of conducting rigorous research to…

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The Real Extent of Sexual Crimes Against Women and What We Can Do to Help

**Trigger Warning:  Sexual assault** What’s going on these days with Brett Kavanaugh having been confirmed to the Supreme Court is horrifying, and it’s a perfect testament to how relevant the topic of this article is in today’s society. Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford – one of Kavanaugh’s now three accusers – gave a heart-wrenching account of what…