Here Are 10 Nasheeds to Bless Your Ramadan Nights

We are halfway through Ramadan already, and in order to keep the spirit of Ramadan going, I’ve compiled a list of nasheeds to listen to. A lot of these nasheeds are ones my friends and I used to listen to when we were younger, and they’re very nostalgic for us. I hope you will enjoy…


Has Celebrating Christmas Become Secular?

Break out the hot cocoa, and the fairy lights, peeps, because we are going FULL-ON this festive season! There is nothing the #MuslimGirlClique loves more than to breathe-in the magical ambiance that inevitably accompanies the winter season, even though the observance of these traditions is always accompanied by a certain degree of ambivalence and uncertainty…

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#RamadanReflections: How I Gained A Sense of Self During Ramadan

Besides the fact that we can cozy up to that midday cup of coffee now, it’s hard to imagine that the month of Ramadan, along with all its blessings, is over. It feels like just yesterday that I ran around my kitchen attempting to cook the best first iftar meal. Now, I am taking down…

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