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8 Things To Consider While Forming Friendships in College

What constitutes strong friendships? A partner in crime? A person that accompanies you to the movies? A person you share highs and lows with? Friendships include two or more people enjoying time with one another while appreciating the individual they have chosen to cross paths with. The relevance of my prior sentence stems from the…


Here’s Why Being Told You’re Privileged Isn’t Offensive

Have you ever tried explaining to someone that their perspective or experience is different from yours because they’re privileged in a way which you aren’t? Usually, the conversation doesn’t go well after that — it quickly becomes a conversation about how they’re “not privileged because…” They feel this need to defend themselves; to prove that…


Sri Lanka Church Bombings Claim the Lives of 290

The death toll from a series of bombings that targeted churches on Easter day have claimed upwards of 290 lives. At 8:45 a.m. on the 23rd of April, bombs detonated at various locations across the island nation. Six of the bombings took place near St. Anthony’s Shrine, a Catholic church, as well as the Cinnamon Grand,…