Why Has the Democratic Party Repeatedly Failed Minorities?

This article was originally published in Visible Magazine (June 20, 2019).   As the nation gears up for the upcoming Democratic candidate debate, one thing that almost certainly won’t be on the agenda is the party’s treatment of its loyal Muslim members, like me. Like many in my community, I have been fiercely loyal to the Democratic…

#Women2Drive, by Carlos Latuff, 2011

Sexism is Not Part of Islam: Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti Says Driving “Exposes Women to Evil”

Every time I read a “religious” edict about the “devilish horrors” of Muslim women, my brain freezes, and my blood boils, while my heart shatters with grief and despair.  It happened again today when I read the latest (sexist) statements from Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti, as he was defending the fatwa (law) that bans women…