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10 Ways to Treat Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Who says you only get to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day if you belong with “lovebirds”? If you’re a single woman, and you’re reading this, it’s your calling to show yourself the love that you deserve! Love is in the air around this time of year, and YOU deserve to feel as loved as anyone…

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Love and Heartbreak Aren’t Limited To Romantic Relationships

February 2022 has arrived with its obnoxious displays of flowers, chocolates, and gifts, painting every store some odd shades of red, pink, and white. Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and we are reminded, yet again, of love and heartbreak. This is also the time for women to reminisce (or get over) their ex, celebrate…

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5 Anti-Aging Remedies to Preserve Your Youth

Many people perceive the aging process to be undesirable. When an individual looks in the mirror and discovers new signs of the aging process (gray hairs, fine lines), it’s not uncommon for panic to set in their heart. While everyone grows older, some people can thrive and look more youthful as they increase in age….


This Video About Self-Love Is All You Need To See Today

Love is in the air or something like that, so everyone is saying. If you don’t have a valentine or galentine, you’re probably safe from the haram police at least. But that’s neither here nor there because this isn’t a post to debate whether or not V-day is haram or not. All joking aside, we…


POEM: The Girl in the Mirror

Editor’s note: This poem reflects the inner struggle we feel in a world where we have been told to look in the mirror and recognize ourselves as flawed. But what does it take to love ourselves? What does it take to see ourselves as beautiful? The exact same thing that makes us flawed. She stares…


Start Your Week With These 7 Affirmations

Bismillah. I used to not believe in the effect that affirmations have on our mindset. I would associate affirmations with what I thought to be cliche messages like “You’re a rockstar,” or “Believe in yourself.” Then one day, I took an imposter syndrome workshop at this co-working space in Chicago. I learned that “Imposter Syndrome,”…


What’s the Best Advice You’ve Ever Been Offered?

They say that in times of great strife, when it literally feels like there is no way out, there’s no greater solution than the one gained by seeking advice from someone who is able to look at the situation at hand with fresh eyes, and a brand-new perspective. After all, you never know what type…


Here’s Why Weight Loss Isn’t Your Ultimate Solution

TW: mention of eating disorders. I remember looking in the mirror without my glasses on, and just seeing a big, blurry fuzz. I was happier like that. I was glad I couldn’t see my body — tree trunk arms, thighs that wobbled at any slight movement, and a stomach that hung grossly over the waistband…


Read My Lips: Ugly Doesn’t Exist

It’s so hard to believe that our imperfections are in fact normal and common. It’s hard to accept that the “flaws” aren’t real, and that ugly doesn’t exist. Society, media, and beauty industries have influenced us all our lives. We have grown to give into the lies that stretch marks need to disappear; that pimples…


Here’s Why I’m Done Apologizing for Not Being a Stick Figure

I am a full-figured, voluptuous woman. Some people can relate, while others simply judge. Weight has always been a battle I tried to defeat. Just this year, I realized that it is not a war I need to fight; it is a piece of me I need to accept. Many can identify with this internal…


Finding the World Within Yourself

Think about it. It’s subconscious, but you’re with yourself and your own company all the time. No one experiences you as you do. No matter how much another person might mean to you, they will never know you more than you know yourself, even if you think they do. I learned this personally through living…


How Hard Did Age Hit You?

We live in a youth-obsessed culture. Advertisers bombard us with products claiming to hold the key to eternal youth–buy this and you will look and feel younger. As if our value slowly diminishes with age. Society plants the seed that these are the best years of our lives. Websites provide endless lists of things we…


Do Cosmetic Procedures Alter Our Perception of Beauty?

What is beauty? How do we make standards for something that is literally based on a human being’s perception, and differs from everyone else’s? How do we judge “beautiful”? What makes certain features supposedly “not beautiful”? Why are some of our typical attributes viewed as flaws? And why on earth do we care so much…


19 New Year’s Resolutions from Millennial Muslim Women

As we enter 2019, it’s obvious that the #MuslimGirlArmy is focused on growth. From glowing up emotionally and spiritually to falling in love with ourselves first, our readers are cannonballing straight into a new chapter with new goals and new habits. We asked you about the lessons you learned in 2018 and the hopes, dreams,…