Are Science and Religion Actually Not as at Odds As We Think?

In today’s world, one of the most debated topics is the relationship between science and religion, which often clash. For example, the popular question of natural evolution versus guided evolution has been hotly debated for centuries. Yet, science and religion can come together, as is taught in Islam. On March 7th, I had the opportunity…


The Islamic Empire’s Golden Age

The roads wound all over the empire. Foreign goods were abundant in markets. The minds of the people were alive, buzzing with innovations and ideas. While the rest of the world was vanquished by intellectual darkness, the Islamic Empire was alive and teeming with knowledge and discovery, creating one of the greatest eras in history….


The Abbasid Era

The Abbasid Caliphate (750 C.E. – 1528 C.E.) is not only known as the third of the Caliphates in the Islamic Empire, but as one of the most influential and educative periods in history. It was a golden time marked by incredible advancements in the sciences and arts, advancements that were probably never deemed possible….