These 11 Tweets Remind Us That Yemen Is Still Suffering

The internet is saturated with information, and so, it’s easy for devastatingly vital news to get lost in the deluge. But let’s not forget, Yemen is currently going through what is widely considered to be the worst humanitarian crisis in the 21st Century, courtesy of the self-proclaimed gatekeepers of Islam, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia….


Why Does Saudi Tout Change and Torture at the Same Time?

The Holy Kaaba is the tangible centre of Islamic faith, with the royal family of Saudi as the self-appointed custodians of this holy site, mosques, and sacred land. An honorable duty, one would assume, given that Islam is based on the principles of protecting human rights. According to the Quran, life is a divine bestowal…


Is This Actually Saudi’s Latest Attempt at Showing “Mercy”?

Imagine waking up to something which is meant to hold your love together. Something which is stereotyped as one of the most permanent things in a temporary world, completely gone. This isn’t a rare occurrence in Saudi Arabia. “Secret divorces” are when men choose to end their marriages without informing their wives when, why, or…