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How International Allyship Is Influenced By White Supremacy

Putin’s latest attacks on Ukraine and its current refugees have reminded the Middle East of the death of innocent civilians of Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Palestine. The death of innocent and innocence itself is what combines the mentioned countries and Ukraine’s oppression. Civilians flee and become refugees. There is no choice left: either you leave everything…


8 of the Most Beautiful Mosques in the World

Anywhere that’s made strictly for devotion to Allah (SWT) can be nothing but beautiful, but some of these mosques are so magical they’ll take your breath away.  Our new bucket list addition is to pray in every one of these, inshallah! Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi Crystal Mosque, Malaysia Westermoskee, Amsterdam Hagia Sofia, Turkey …


Why You Should Care About the Russia Investigation

A full timeline of the Russian Investigation In June of 2016, The Washington Post broke a story detailing the first public element of an operation a year in the making. The Democratic National Committee had been hacked. And Russian intelligence was the undeniable culprit. Slowly but surely, the following year offered up a growing list of…

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Banning Hijab is not Secularism

Can banning a piece of cloth from public institutions demonstrate a government’s secularism? Some people seem to think so, but I can’t understand how. Recently, The New York Times reported the Stavropol region in Russia banned headscarves from government schools. Journalist Ellen Barry quotes Marina Savchenko, a school director: “This is an institution. Secular attire…