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Ilhan Omar Slams Lauren Boebert for Her Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) slammed Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) for telling a made-up anti-Muslim story during Thanksgiving break. In an attempt to entertain her laughing crowd, Boebert lied about having an encounter with Omar in the Capitol, calling it “not my first ‘Jihad Squad’ moment.” In essence, the clout-chasing story that Boebert made up implied…


We Went Around Asking White People Where They’re REALLY From

Ah, to wake up to a steaming pile of bigotry and racism in the morning. That’s pretty much our everyday with President Trump in office, especially when he’s using his overactive Twitter account to attack four congresswomen of color. Not straying too far from every racist’s manifesto, Trump suggested that anyone who dares to express…


Here’s Why We Will Forever Stand by Rep. Ilhan Omar

It’s time to call Donald Trump exactly what he is: racist, sexist, and an outright fascist. We’ve been seeing his disgusting ideology unfold in front of our very eyes since the minute he announced his candidacy for president, and he hasn’t slowed down since.  As if he hasn’t done enough, Trump has taken it a step…