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We Should Never Forget Alan Kurdi

Something so small had made it so far from home – that all that raging water could carry something so gentle.” Mohamed Hassan, “Secrets of the Sea” On September 2nd, 2015, Nilufer Demir captured an image that would change the world. The image was of three-year-old Alan Kurdi, lying in the sand on the shores…


Rahaf and Nada: Are Asylum Seekers and Refugees Lensed by Politics?

Rahaf Al Qunun:  When she first made news, we saw in her as a teen burdened by patriarchy, in the clutches of a possible death penalty, and shackled by constitutional laws. Her story resonated with women who have battled patriarchy and felt suffocated in being told what to do. Scratching beyond her narrative, in this…


Where Has Trump’s Humanity Gone?

Where has humanity gone? A question that is on most of our minds. When we talk humanity, we think of compassion, helping hands, open arms. As humans, it is our natural instinct to survive. Unfortunately, survival means something different depending on where you live. Imagine finally getting the courage to flee danger, whether it’s a…

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Here’s How Refugees Turn Hate Into Love

The Trump administration, and many of its hardcore fans are still enamored with the ridiculous belief that refugees are “taking over.”  While refugees are out here being the living embodiment of sayings like, “be kind to rude people because they need it the most,” and “hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that,”…


What Does It Mean to Be a Refugee?

A rectangular folding table was placed against a wall. I sat at the head, and directly to my left was a male translator, along with a female patient.  Usually, I prefer to have the patient closer to me, but she looked upset as soon as she had walked into the clinic and I wanted her…