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Why You Should Consider Taking an Online Tajweed Class

Editor’s Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect any endorsement from Reading Quran correctly can be challenging The word “Tajweed” means “doing something well.” When applied to the Quran, it means giving every letter of the Quran its right and dues of characteristics…


What Does the Quran Say About Mental Health?

This wonderful series, courtesy of Sheikh Ibrahim Hindy and Naseeha, a toll-free mental health hotline and digital space for young Muslims, highlights the sensitivity with which the Quran approaches mental health. We were not created as angels, but as entities with free will, and as such, we feel and emote deeply. Shouldn’t we get to…


Here’s Why I Don’t Celebrate Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and you know what that means — neighbors decorating their houses with spooky decorations, people splurging money on delicious sugary treats, and kids chatting enthusiastically in preparation for the big day. However, as a child, unlike most of my friends and neighbors, I wasn’t allowed to participate in the…


Is There Any Way to Protect Ourselves From Evil Eye?

It was a lavish dinner party that we attended with our little family. The baby was just getting to a sociable stage so naturally, he was the life of the party! Popular with all the kids and adults, being handed off from one person to another, and smiling for all the cameras; he was such…


Here’s What the Quran Says About Self-Care

Disclaimer: This article is in no way meant to substitute for medical or mental health advice from a trained and educated mental health professional. Muslim Girl encourages those who need help to seek it, and encourages the use of resources such as therapists, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and trained mental health professionals. You should never try…


How My Mental Health Issues Brought Me Closer to God

For the last 10 years (or probably more), I have suffered from some sort of mental illness. In late 2009, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, triggered by seeing someone very close to me die in front of my eyes. I was grieving for many months, and there was not a single day that…

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I Struggled With Reading the Qur’an and This Is What I Did

Ever since I was little, my mom put me in Qur’an classes. Every week, I would spend 4 to 5 hours learning about our beloved Prophet, tirelessly reading the Qur’an until I was able to perfectly recite each section. Although I went each week and learned more and more, I never felt my iman (faith) growing….


Find Time to Focus on the Qur’an During Ramadan

Every year, Ramadan seems to come faster than I expect; like a whirlwind that doesn’t give me the time I need to prepare for the month. I am left surprised that it’s arrived and unprepared to begin the Holy Month. As someone who likes to ensure that things are under control and in good order,…


This Is What Taqwa Means, in Case You Were Wondering

Taqwa is the state in which a believer is constantly conscious of not committing a sin or an action that would earn him or her the wrath of Allah (swt). Taqwa is when a believer is cognizant of the Almighty’s decrees and remains alert to avoid any actions prohibited in the teachings of Islam. Taqwa is when…


Ramadan Productivity Boosters

It goes without saying that the summer season is the best time to celebrate Ramadan. Despite the long hours of fasting and the heat, we are given much more time to make the most out of the month than we would if Ramadan were during the school year. Unfortunately, many of us are still faced…


3 Things to Remember During Ramadan

It’s that time of the year again! Yes, Ramadan has arrived for Muslims everywhere around the world. Every year, we tell ourselves that we will do everything in our list, which we’ve created mentally or actually written it down on the piece of paper. Every year, we fall short, and do not fulfill half of…


Think Not of Creation, but the Creator

Straight. Uncomplicated. Simple. If I had to describe my relationship with God in three words, these would be it. A couple of years ago, I found myself struggling with a bad case of friendsickness (which is like homesickness, except that you miss your friends all the time). ‘Till this day, I’m still not sure how…


Who Defines Liberation?

Liberation has always been a hot topic. Liberation isn’t an ideal, but a journey; it means to break the inevitable chains of societal norms and to rise above whatever causes one pain or hardship. For Muslim women living in Western society, it is particularly hard to decide where to turn when the question of liberation…