Pexels / Ramatou Diallo

5 Ways to Keep Praying When You’re Burnt Out

Feeling too burnt out and frustrated to pray? I can bet almost all Muslims have come to a point in their lives when they have felt unmotivated to do their acts of worship and still can’t simply live without guilt haunting them. Ramadan has passed, and without the strong spiritual aura of the holy month,…


This Ramadan, I Prayed for the First Time in Two Years

Author’s note: This personal essay is based on my own experiences. This is not me preaching from a soapbox. Instead, this is my attempt to muddle through some incredibly complex feelings and experiences. Perhaps along the way, I’ll be able to offer a relatable moment to anyone who may share my experiences. Three days ago,…


Why I’ve Been Praying in My Boyfriend’s Bedroom

As my boyfriend went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and get ready for the night, I quickly pulled a hoodie over my bare head and began to pray as fast as I could. With each prostration, I found myself begging for forgiveness. I hated the days he would come back faster than I…