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Privilege, Power, and Patriarchy: An Anthropological Review of Feminist Discourse

“What does freedom mean if we accept the fundamental premise that humans are social beings, raised in certain social and historical contexts and belonging to particular communities that shape their desires and understandings of the world?”  — Lila Abu Lughod, Do Muslim Women Need Saving?  The complicated relationship between feminism and anthropology is eloquently described by…


A Reflection on Patriotism

On this day, I choose to reflect upon what it means to navigate the increasingly muddied waters of patriotism and nationalism. I choose to reflect upon the idea that authentic patriotism ensures that it is our deep-rooted obligation to speak out against injustice. To do otherwise would be complacency and arrogance. Given the global political…


Sudan’s Revolution: Here’s Why the Fight Isn’t Over

On December 19, 2018, demonstrations broke out all over Sudan. Initially, people were protesting the rising price of bread, an essential food item to many Sudanese, and astronomical increases in living costs. Living under al-Bashir’s rule for nearly three decades, the Sudanese people have been caught between two difficult choices: rise up and fight the…