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The poem below is written in honor of National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. Surviving is more than just making it to the next morning Surviving requires living It takes work to do the living Because to live requires you to be alive And suddenly Making it to the next morning does not seem so…


Poem: This Is Why Muslims Can Still Care About Christmas

Why Christmas Matters It doesn’t matter if Jesus Was born in April or December. It doesn’t matter, The merchandising that drives the masses. It doesn’t matter that the only thing The historical record can confirm Is that he died on the cross. I don’t think the changing of the cups at Starbucks, Or the proliferation…

Every day is Mother's Day in Islam. In honor of Mother's Day, we put together a few of our favorite Islamic quotes about mothers as a reminder. Photo credit: quotesgram.com

Poem: Dear Mama

Author’s note: This poem was written in honor of a devastating attack on a maternity ward in Kabul. Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. Dear mama, You chose to push me out from the darkness into the light. As such I can never repay you back for the precious gift of life. I sleep soundly…


Meet Nesima Aberra, a Muslim Poet Writing Poems for Peace

The Peace Studio, led by peace educator Maya Soetoro of the Obama Foundation, is launching a new campaign, 100 Offerings of Peace. This project brings over 10 countries together with both known and emerging creatives in visual, performing, literary, spiritual, and musical arts to generate new works about what peace means to them, how they…


Poem: Litany of Women They Have Killed

Content warning: This video features graphic depictions of domestic violence, sexual assault, gender-based violence, and bad language. In this video, inspired by slain social media star and activist Qandeel Baloch, Pakistani-American slam poet Emaan Majed tackles gender-based violence.


The Surveillance of Joy

  It was never about the camera or the power its lens claimed to transmit.   It was always about our mothers Black and Muslim and alive and how you zoomed out so far away from her.   Convinced she did not exist, you projected your ignorance through the aperture of this lie.   At…


Dear Black Muslim Women

“Dear Black Muslim Women” is a love letter dedicated to young Black Muslim girls who look like me.  This is the letter that I have always wanted growing up. I wanted to create a form of art that highlights our struggle of being a part of the three most mistreated, discriminated against, and dehumanized identities in…


POEM: Wear Me Down

When I left him, when I finally left that life,  That was when I stopped wearing my watch,  My rings,  My diamonds. I’d taken nothing, I’d left it all behind. I felt bare without it all Until I realised they’d been shackles. Someday, I might still wear a watch.  Rings.  Diamonds. But I’ll never let…


Poem: “Iqra,” He Said

Our religion is purely based on understanding, Our knowledge should be constantly expanding. Let’s use our aql once in a while, Read the books that have been compiled. The first verse revealed from the Quran was “read,” Unfortunately, to this, people pay no heed. The Prophet (peace be upon him) always told us to learn,…


The Top 10 Books to Read for Black History Month

Black History stretches across time, space, and disciple. Everywhere from the arts, film, and pop culture, to politics, activism, and education, Black women and men around the world have made, and continue to make history. Although there are many ways to celebrate Black History, nothing compares to hitting the books. Black History has been captured…


11 Times Islamic Poetry Touched Our Souls

Poetry weaves the magic of words and invokes feelings within us like no other literary work does. The Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (SAW) said, “Indeed some forms of speech are magical,” [Bukhari], and “Indeed there is wisdom in some forms of poetry,” [Bukhari], meaning that words can have a spellbinding effect and can captivate the…


Your Worth Is Not Determined by How Often You Create

It took me nearly ten years before I called myself a photographer. Upon my first encounter with photography, I fell in love with it and knew it would play an important role in my life. It restored my sense of awe in the everyday sights I seemed to ignore, and gave me the agency to…