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What Happens When Religion Is Used To Create Division?

India and Pakistan emerged as two separate sovereign nations in 1947. Different factions of the freedom struggle movement contributed in their own unique way. Ultimately they freed themselves and the people from the clutches of British colonizers that arrived in India during the early 17th century, masquerading as traders with an intent to puncture the…

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This Is Why the Ummah’s Silence on Afghanistan Is Problematic

This past month, Afghans across the world watched with horror as our country fell into the hands of the Taliban. The United States troops withdrew, our flag was replaced, our president fled, and our female news anchors said their goodbyes. Supporters claim the Taliban have changed, yet  Hazaras continue to be the target of ethnic…


This Is What’s Happening in Kashmir Right Now

Ammi catches me weeping again tonight. She sits by me and asks me why I am crying.  I tell her our people are dying. “A Kashmiri baby was forced to sit on the blood-soaked body of his grandfather. Indian armed forces dragged Bashir Ahmed from his car and shot him dead in front of his…


Willful Ignorance in the Age of Information: The General Musharraf Case

“Knowledge is not wisdom, but it is a prerequisite for wisdom – and that’s one thing the digital revolution hasn’t changed,” wrote William Poundstone, author of “Head in the Cloud: The Power of Knowledge in the Age of Google.” In other words, Google searches will give you answers to your questions, but not the wisdom…


5 Easy Meals to Get You Through a Busy Week

Busy days, busy weeks, busy months. It all just blends together in one big, busy blur of working, playdates, laundry, cleaning, and more. And the one thing that I find myself slipping in is FOOD. Now, trust me when I say that I pass absolutely zero judgement on any mother who finds herself popping chicken…


Why the Justice of Asia Bibi’s Case Has Become an Injustice

Asia Noreen, a Pakistani Christian woman, wife, and mother, became the face of injustice in 2009. She and her husband, along with their five children, lived a nondescript life in a small, rural village outside of Lahore, a populated city in Pakistan. However, all this changed back in June of 2009, when Asia got into…