Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com

Is the Nikkah Basically a Socially Fake Marriage?

By definition, a Nikkah is an Islamic contract between two people consenting to marriage. Growing up in the fast-paced world of America, I realized that there are many difficulties when coming to terms with practicing Islam and trying to “fit in” with the crowd. Having a boyfriend, going out on dates, and having your first…


A Poem About Marriage: The New Bride

Dolkis, ghajaras, yellow and pink dust in the air, Laughter of mothers and aunts, cousins and nieces.   A glimpse of happiness, Turns to sudden fears of the unknown.   Decorated eyes looking up in desperation, The green glitter is dim but still shines.   Torn and beaten with age, you can still make out…


I Got Married Right Before Ramadan and It Was Awesome

In a world full of dreamers of wedding bells and perfect wedding dresses, there seems to be an overall consensus about which months are perfect for weddings. Within my clique, that month did not coincide with the proximity of Ramadan. In fact, I heard, “Don’t get married right before or during Ramadan,” more times than…