What Does Islam Say About Forced Marriages?

In some cultures, a girl’s right to marry is ignored. Educated men and women now talk about marriage at home, but in some cultures, women may still be discouraged from talking about marriage. In these cultures, parents may an arrange a marriage for their children.   Some Muslims from these cultures don’t accept the idea…


This Is What You Absolutely Need to Know Before You Get Married

Marriage is a time that many look forward to. Often, couples will plan everything to the last detail: invitations, music playlists, seating arrangements, food menus, floral arrangements, and every other conceivable detail. However, sometimes despite the best of foresight and planning, one of the most important aspects of the union is overlooked: the marriage contract,…


Why All Muslim Women Should Use Prenups

  Prenups usually rear their head in modern American culture when a wealthy man wants to make sure his wife-to-be doesn’t run off with his fortune, and are generally viewed as an unromantic sign that modern couples don’t take marriage as seriously as their parents did. But prenuptial agreements aren’t a new invention for a…