Week of 2/22/15: Obama Has Been Secretly Muslim All This Time

#MuslimGirlProbs is our weekly link roundup of headlines, stories, events, and situations that make us want to rip our hijabs off.  It is becoming increasingly harder to tell the difference between satire and actual news when it comes to Muslims. To quote Margari Hill in our State of the Muslim Union discussion last night, “we…


Come at me, Pork!

Let’s take a moment and talk about how ludicrous the recent Jihawg Ammo pork-laced bullets sound to anyone, regardless of background. As both a devout Muslim and freedom-loving American, I find myself at a weird crossroads. A short introduction to the bullets, if you happened to miss out on the juicy, cholesterol-filled bit of news…

Syrian internally displaced people walk in the Atme camp, along the Turkish border in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib, on March 19, 2013. The conflict in Syria between rebel forces and pro-government troops has killed at least 70,000 people, and forced more than one million Syrians to seek refuge abroad. AFP PHOTO/BULENT KILIC

Syria: Escalation and the Ballooning Refugee Crisis

More than 100,000 dead in 2 years. This astonishing figure is the ghastly reality for Syrians today, who now live in a country where no corner has been left untouched by the fighting between the government and a diversely composed band of rebels whose divergent motivations are unified only by the goal of ousting the…


The World is Falling Apart as We Point and Watch

“The world is on the verge of a nuclear-meltdown. Japan is inside-out. Civilians are being killed in Libya, Bahrain and Yemen. The Palestinians are still being starved while shot at. Pakistan and Australia are trying to recover from devastation. But lets all turn our attention to some 13 year-old wanna be pop star with no…


The Banner of Peace

These are tough times.  Our values, outlooks, beliefs, lifestyle, and even our clothing are being attacked and ridiculed.  Each headline in the news, from about a mass murderer to a taxi driver, is being innacurately blamed on Islam, rather than a faulty human being.  There is no doubt that these are tough times for Muslims…

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