Did You Catch Our Muslim Women’s Day Panel on Women In Politics?

In honor of Muslim Women’s Day on March 27th, 2021, Gabriela Cristobal, Linda Sarsour, Grace Lee, and Bushra Amiwala met on a virtual summit to discuss leadership, intersectional feminism, storytelling, activism, and organizing, in a segment called, “How To Make Sure, ‘And She Could Be Next.’” Gabriela Cristobal, Program Manager at the United States of…


10 Tweets About #MuslimWomensDay You Should Read

This past Saturday was Muslim Women’s Day — our fifth annual one! We rounded up some of our favorite tweets about Muslim Women’s Day. Check them out below. @halima_begum reminds us why Muslim Women’s Day is so important @a_leesha reminds Muslim women to step into their power and continue speaking up about issues that matter…


Will Your Artwork Become the Official Logo For #MuslimWomensDay?

The Opportunity It’s that time of year again: On March 27, it’s officially #MuslimWomensDay, and we are excited to announce an amazing opportunity for our creatives in the #MuslimGirlArmy! (We’re talking about you!) With #MuslimWomensDay fast approaching, we’re looking for a logo that captures what our international campaign is all about — us! That’s right:…

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