Thawrih Activewear

This Muslim-Owned Canadian Company Is Reaching New Levels With Their Inclusive Activewear for Muslims and Sikhs

With the rapidly growing industry of inclusive sportswear, it is vital to make sure that all minorities from all parts of the world should be represented and considered in a field so important. This is an issue especially in North America, where these minorities lie within bigger populations that are often represented easily and frequently…


How Sheila Nortley is Bringing Social Change Through the Film Industry

Sheila Nortley is a British writer and producer who is responsible for creating several internationally award-winning pieces such as Zion, Victim, and the feature film David is Dying. Sheila’s impressive history also includes launching Kingdom Drama School – one of the U.K.’s leading drama schools – at the age of 25, along with Najan Ward and…