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Here’s How Reverts Can Face Discrimination When It Comes to Marriage

It’s time we talk about reverts, and how we are often shunned by those who are born into Muslim because we aren’t the “right” ethnicity or from the “right” family when trying to marry. I’m 40, and white. My ex and I met at work 10 years ago. And on my end, it was butterflies…


Famed Singer Sinead O’Connor Finds Peace in Reversion to Islam

This past week, Sinead O’Connor announced, via her Twitter feed, that she had officially embraced Islam. Along with the proclamation that she now goes by the name Shuhada, she shared a melodic rendition of the adhaan (call to prayer). Regarding her rendition, Shuhada wrote, “I got some pronouncition [sic] wrong because emotions took me from my…