Poem: Nora

Author’s note: This poem is a reflection on the significance of daughters in Islam, and how children are signs of divine love. The poem is named for my own daughter, and is one reason why we named her “Nora.” Her name was chosen as an indicator of Allah’s blessings being showered upon us like a…


A Letter To My Mom, From Her Independent Daughter

Dear Mom, There is something that I have been meaning to tell you, and here it goes… I understand that we play an important role in each other’s lives, but I feel I can’t be as up front with you about my feelings as you are with me, sometimes. I feel that just because you…


The Story of Bayazid Bustami

A long time ago there was a young boy named Bayazid Bustami. He was born in Persia, an ancient land of plains, mountains and poetry. Being the only son of a poor, widowed mother, he was the light of her eyes and she rested all her hopes for the future on him. She dedicated her…

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