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6 Places to Visit if You Love Islamic History

Stunning turquoise hues, intricate Arabic calligraphy, astonishing mosaics inspired by nature–the beauty and depth of Islamic architecture never fails to be awe-inspiring. Though I may fail to be objective as a Muslim when it comes to this topic, I truly believe that the work of Islamic artists and architects are some of the most beautiful…


10 Instaworthy Mosques to Visit in Malaysia

It was over 1400 years ago when mosques were established as a place of congregation for Muslims. It is a center for Muslims to practice their acts of worship, engage in intellectual and theological discussions, and a sanctuary to foster spiritual growth in the community. Mosques were built with simplicity, especially during the times of…


Clothes to wear to the mosque?

One lady told me that when praying to Allah or at the mosque, you are not allowed to wear jeans. So my question is if I go to the mosque to pray, what should I wear? Can I wear loosefitting jeans, a loose fitting longsleeve shirt and a hijab? Is that fine? Like these jeans…


Islamic Architecture

After the death of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) , the Islamic religion was spreading rapidly all across the Middle East and the world. Because of this, there was an increased demand for mosques and spiritual gathering places. The construction of these designated places of worship marked the beginning of the influential architectural creations of the…

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Stopping Hypocrisy

We live in the time where righteousness is difficult to encounter. While we might be surrounded by those who proclaim their love for Allah (SWT) and His Messenger (SAW), the diseases – treachery, hypocrisy, injustice, etc. – are rampant in our communities. Why are our people inflicted with infections when we have the cure in…