I Can’t Fix My Marriage and It’s Not My Fault

Trigger warning:  This article contains descriptors of domestic violence. Divorce sucks. No one gets married thinking they are going to get divorced. When you are picking out your wedding outfits, and getting frustrated by the annoying WhatsApp back and forth for color swatches, you are thinking about how each part of your wedding is laying down…


I Got Married Right Before Ramadan and It Was Awesome

In a world full of dreamers of wedding bells and perfect wedding dresses, there seems to be an overall consensus about which months are perfect for weddings. Within my clique, that month did not coincide with the proximity of Ramadan. In fact, I heard, “Don’t get married right before or during Ramadan,” more times than…


A Letter to Those Struggling After an Ended Marriage

Dear Warrior, Dear Survivor, Dear Jane-of-all-trades, Dear time management guru, (or aspiring one anyway!) Dear epitome of strength, of courage, of determination, I see you. I am you. And I get it. About two years ago, I ended an eight-year marriage. An eight-year cycle of gritting my teeth, faking a smile and bearing all kinds…


Mistaking a Woman’s Trauma as Bitterness

It’s been nineteen years since I witnessed the first physical altercation between a man and a woman. Mom and my brother’s dad. Fifteen years since I saw my brother choke one of Mom’s temporary husbands because of yet another domestic dispute. Five years since I, myself, was incarcerated for domestic violence because that boy I…


5 Tips on How to Deal With Street Marriage Proposals

It’s tough out there for a Muslim Girl. Islamophobes, anti-hijab feminists, racists, misogynists, and murderous clowns to name a few of the big bad wolves we encounter in our daily lives. Then there’s that puzzling species of men who offer marriage proposals in public places. More often than not, these proposals will come after an…


One Muslim Girl’s Thoughts on Marriage

Anyone else remember the phrase “Impossible is nothing”—that old adidas slogan? That was plastered all over my basketball magazines and on ads during games on television. It was an inspiring phrase, a little play on the oft-repeated verse “nothing is impossible” or “anything is possible,” what Kevin Garnett (one of the faces of adidas) passionately…


A Marriage of Compromise

I made the first compromise of my marriage before I was even married. Had you asked me four years ago where I thought I would be in my life right now, I would have given you an answer that in no way would have reflected my current situation. I had big plans to move to New York by…


Wedding Night Nerves

I remember my first time being intimate. I was so scared and anxious about losing my virginity, spending countless hours researching what my first time should be like, but I never quite felt prepared. Truthfully, looking back now, not even 400 years of research could have prepared me for what was to come. Everybody wants…


Converts Crossing the Gap of Misunderstanding

A Christian Student in the UK. A Muslim Teacher in Italy. What could possibly unite these two people? Well, they both happen to be snapshots of my own life. My past and present. I was raised as a Christian in the UK and converted to Islam just over two years ago while living in Italy….