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Language Isn’t a Barrier When Love Is Present

“What about kids? Won’t they be confused?” I’ve heard this question various times when I was dating someone outside of my born religion. And my answer was always “No.”  Yes, their cultures were different. He spoke Turkish and English, and she, English. They were raised differently — but also the same. I didn’t need to elaborate…


Rep. Ilhan Omar Attended Pride and Muslim Twitter Went Nuts

So, at the start of the week, this happened: #HappyPride! I had a fantastic time dancing, hugging, and celebrating #TCPride with everyone this weekend! ❤️🧡💛💚💙 #Pride pic.twitter.com/wmdq4FVwRF — Ilhan Omar (@IlhanMN) June 24, 2019 Rep. Ilhan Omar took time out of her busy schedule of breaking glass ceilings to attend Pride in her home state…