Linda Sarsour Says There’s More Work To Be Done

At some point in our lives, we’ve all had to make a choice about where we stand in certain situations. Whether that be political, for a cause we’re passionate about, or for people that we support unconditionally; our choices make us who we are. And for Linda Sarsour, her choices have always been quite clear….


The DNC Does Not Care About Muslims

If there’s one thing that’s bipartisan about American politics, it’s that its two major parties love to enact foreign policy that hurts Palestinians while simultaneously silencing pro-Palestinian voices nationwide.  This time, the target was Linda Sarsour, who spoke at the Democratic National Convention’s Muslim Delegates and Allies Assembly. Republicans wasted no time attacking Democrats for…

#MuslimGirlFire Muslim Women To Watch

20 Muslim Women to Watch in 2020

The recent years have been a total masterclass in how to handle our business when the world is ablaze around us. From a disconcerting rise in hate crimes to politicians who need to take several seats, it truly feels like we’ve seen it all. Above the madness, the incredible women featured on this list have…