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An Imam Compared My Marriage to a Marlboro Light

I have been a proud Muslim for as long as I can remember. I have been proudly queer for just as long. Growing up in a progressive, mixed-faith, mixed-race home in Morocco, I had the privilege of simultaneously living in several worlds at once. My father, a Muslim man who lived with integrity, kindness, and…

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Does Islam Mention Sexual Diversity?

It’s Pride Month and we here at Muslim Girl are super excited to celebrate with our Muslim LGBTQ+ Community!  I know there is a misconception around the world that queer Muslims do not exist due to lack of acceptance towards homosexuality in Islam. With over a billion people identifying Muslims, are all hetrosexual? I didn’t…


Why Israel Uses Pinkwashing In Attempts to Legitimize the Occupation of Palestine

Pinkwashing under the Israeli apartheid is evident through its Tel Aviv pride festival, Rainbow Generations tour, and utilization of a transgender Israeli officer. Whereas, pinkwashing in the United States is visible under the Trump administration’s decriminalization platform, its alliances with anti-LGBTQ nations, and its initiatives to further isolate the LGBTQ community. Thus, I argue pinkwashing…


Sarah Hegazi’s Life and Death Is a Reminder That the Muslim Community Must Do Better in Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community

Trigger warning: This article discusses death by suicide, gun violence, and mass murder, and the discrimination and oppression of the LGBTQ+ community. It should be noted that this article is in no way meant to substitute for medical or mental health advice from a trained and educated mental health professional. Muslim Girl encourages those who need…


This Is Why I Appreciate the #MuslimAnd Campaign so Much

Many of us who work outside the home may have experienced discrimination or been exposed to people with phobic beliefs about other people before.  I work in San Francisco with homeless youth, at the heart of what’s known as the Gay Bay. My organization is obviously pro-LGBTQ+, and we get hit with endless demands to…


Muslim Girl Scholarship: Mahrukh Rose

Editor’s note: Back in September, Muslim Girl was honored to launch our first ever Muslim Girl Scholarship, designed to elevate young Muslim women’s narratives across college campuses. This scholarship was created specifically to facilitate the work of change-makers, civic innovators, and overall badass women that are part of the #MuslimGirlArmy. Out of the countless applications we…